How an Atlanta SEO Company is Changing the Tattoo World

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted, but I wanted to give you a quick update on how some very simple SEO¬†(search engine optimization) on your website can make a world of difference in a business. No matter the industry, you have a website. No matter the website, you’ll need it optimized to rank in the search engines. No, we’re not talking about those so called “internet marketing specialists” who spam your emails with $100 ranking guarantees. We’re talking about legitimate marketing professionals who do the right thing all of the time. No shady tactics or gimmicks are needed these days to get great results. Now that your mind is a little more at ease, let’s get into how one Atlanta SEO company is helping out a small tattoo shop in Des Moines, Iowa.


SEO 101

If you want people to be able to find you online, you MUST have a website. If you want your website to be seen by those people, you have to know what they’re searching for EXACTLY. That’s where search engine optimization all begins… keyword research. Sure, we’ll get into on-page optimization best practices, social media marketing, and other internet fads, but if there’s one thing that’s for sure in this industry, is that you have to know where to start. For instance, if you “think” that people are going to be searching for one particular phrases over another because common sense dictates it so, then you’ll build an entire website around that particular keyword (or set of keywords). This is a bad guessing game to get into. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the “common sense” approach to SEO, it’s that people don’t share the same common sense that we do as marketers. So, if you really want to know what search terms people are typing into Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., then you had better utilize the free tool that Google offers called, the keyword planner.

After you’ve found some search terms to go after, hop on over to the Atlanta SEO company’s website that we’ll be referring to in the next few paragraphs for more info on how to get found in the search engines. They’ve got a blog that talks a lot more about it in great detail.

SEO Affecting Positive Change in Des Moines, Iowa Tattoo Shop

Now that we’ve got the basics of search engine optimization out of the way, let’s move on to how it helped a particular tattoo shop in Des Moines, IA gain some steam in an ultra-competitive market.

How many people do you think search for “Des Moines tattoo?” Furthermore, how many people per month are ready to go out and make an appointment to get their first tattoo, don’t know where to go, and in turn – use the search engines?

Well, both of these questions are misleading, but they’re common sense, right? Wrong. In fact, there are quite a towns, cities, and subburbs in the United States called “Des Moines.” Therefore, we must re-think our strategy and narrow it down a bit.

That’s exactly what this¬†Atlanta SEO company did. It was pretty simple really, but they got some great results from it. Instead of a website simple titled Tattoo Des Moines, it was re-titled with the specification of “Iowa” at the end. On top of that, there was a whole website redesign, and if you ask us, it looks pretty awesome.

So, when analyzing your marketing strategy, don’t just be reaching out blindly – hoping to rank for phrases that you think people are searching for. Instead, do your basic research, and make adjustments in your approach. You’ll get a lot more customers that way!

more info on the SEO company mentioned in this post:

Force Boost
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard NW Suite 20
Atlanta, GA 30318

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