Capstone Consultants in Charlotte are Setting the Pace

If you ever wanted to know how to do direct sales, then look no further than a company out of Charlotte, North Carolina called Capstone Consultants.

For many years, marketers have been trying to funnel traffic to their website in any manner that they could think of. Traditionally, these marketers are looking for the least amount of "heavy lifting" to get a return on their investment. For example, a marketer could go to 3 networking events and meet 200 people, tell them about the service that he or she provides, and foster those relationships over a span of several months, and see maybe one or two new clients from those efforts....OR...that person could send out thousands of emails and get the same results. Automated systems and lead generating software makes this do-able all within a few hours. So, as far as time investment goes, networking events are usually out of the question for most companies.

What Capstone Consultants is Doing Differently

So blanketing the market gets good results, right? Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, the only people who are responding to emails are the same ones responding to EVERYONE'S emails (for the most part). So, those people are going to either become immune to the same old tactics sooner or later, OR, they are going to jump ship and go to the competition just because they have a better email template.

What Capstone Consultants is doing is definitely different than what all of the mainstream marketers are doing. They are building face-to-face relationships with their customers. They are doing what other people aren't all that willing to do. They go out, meet prospective customers on a one-on-one basis, build rapport, do a quick sales presentation, and foster the relationship throughout the span of the sales cycle.

They have found that this leads to less customer attrition and has increased the overall customer experience. Read more about their tactics and their day-to-day activities on their Capstone Consultants feed on twitter.

What We All Can Learn from Capstone

If everyone is doing it, then we need to do something differently. The same old tactics that everyone is willing to do, just because it seems so easy, may not be the best route to go. In marketing, you always have to be thinking outside of the box in order to set your brand apart. Think big. Think differently. See results.



Bail Bonds Marketing: An Interview with an Atlanta Bonding Company

Bail Bonds Marketing Tips

I recently interviewed a company in Atlanta, Georgia in regards to the way that the bail bonds industry works. I wanted to get some information about the politics involved, the startup funds, the competition, and certifications involved because this is such a lucrative industry. Just think all of the people that get arrested in your town. Now divide your town's population into Atlanta's and multiply the number of jailed people by that number. Blows your mind doesn't it? All of those people are prospective customers of a bail bonds company. Some of them will have their own money to pay the bond amount, but most won't. They'll be calling one of the local agencies to get them out of jail, or at least their families will. That's where the marketing gets interesting.

The company I interviewed, Bail Bonding Now, is one of the newest Atlanta bail bonding companies but they don't act like it. The owner of the company has a background in marketing and sales and can probably sell ice to an Eskimo, not that he'll need to. People don't really need to be talked into why they need to bond their friend or relative out of jail. They do need to know that they are getting the best deal though. They also want to deal with a company that's professional. That's where Bail Bonding Now comes in.

Marketing a Bonding Company

If you plan on opening a bonding company in the future, you're going to have to market to the same population as all of the existing bonding companies. What makes you think that you'll be able to penetrate the market any better than the other guys?

Well, there's good and bad news for you. The good news is you don't have to compete. Once you get certified in any given county, you'll get listed by the Sherriff's office as a licensed bondsman. You'll get some business just from that alone. You'll also be listed in that county's jail.

Now, if you want to get more customers than your competition, you're going to need to market yourself like crazy. Just look at what Bail Bonding Now has done and maybe even contact the owner to see if you can piggyback off of his efforts. He's really a nice guy and he'll give you some pointers to boot. He's pretty much saturated his company's name throughout the search engines and has more business than he can actually deal with right now, so he has to work as a coop to get some of the work off of his desk. That's a good problem to have.

Here's the company's information for future reference. For more information on how bail bonds work in Georgia, check out the Storify article about this company.

Bail Bonding Now
235 Peachtree Street Northeast #400
Atlanta, Georgia 0303
Phone: 770-799-6756


Varicose Veins Stockings & Natural Treatment Sales Are Trending!

Since so many people are getting varicose veins at some point in their lives (over 60% of the population), it is no wonder that the sale of natural treatments such as compression stockings, apple cider vinegar, creams, and other extracts are on the rise.

So what exactly causes varicose veins to be present in so many people as they get older? Well its pretty simple really. You see, as a person ages, the blood vessels in their legs become less and less effective at keeping blood from flowing backwards, back into the legs. Under normal conditions, the blood vessels in the legs have valves that keep the blood pumping back towards the heart. As these valves wear out over the years, blood and fluid tend to collect in these blood vessels and make them swell. After continuous swelling, the veins become varicose, or dormant, and require additional help to get the blood back towards the heart. This happens to a lot of people and is probably just a natural part of the aging process.

Varicose Veins Compression Stockings and Other Natural Treatments

The sale of stockings for varicose veins is continuously increasing because of the amount of baby boomers reaching the age where these types of blood vessel disorders are becoming present. These stockings work in such a way to add outside pressure to the skin and the veins within so that users experience reduced pain from this condition. These compression stockings only work for as long as the user wears them, though.

Another thing that's really catching on right now is skin cream made from plant extracts. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of spider veins naturally and we found a source for this information, in which we have linked to them here. It turns out that there isn't really a known cure for spider veins (varicose veins), but there are loads of numerous natural treatments available all over the marketplace. From over the counter products, to surgery, to home remedies, people are really wanting a fix for this condition. That's why you see all of these vein clinics popping up all over the place. Spider veins aren't a health threat, in like 99% of the cases, but they are considered an aesthetic nuisance. Therefore, plastic surgeons are usually the ones conducting these types of surgeries.

All in all, I'm sure you can understand why the sale of these products is on the rise, considering the options.

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